Have any questions? Click here for a list of our most frequently asked questions including what Tulip Health doctors can do for you during your virtual appointment!

Yes! Our services are free for all Ontario residents with a valid OHIP card.

Cough, cold and flu

COVID 19 Assessment

Eye infection, styes, or pink eye

Sick notes

Sore throat

Referrals to specialists And more

Yes, Tulip Health doctors are trained for rapid assessment for covid 19/corona virus.

We are open 9am until 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am until 6pm Saturday and Sunday.

Register on our website. An administrator will call you to organize a time for your appointment!

Yes! All visits with Tulip Health physicians will be covered by OHIP for Ontario residents.

1. Cough cold and flu

2. COVID 19 Assessment

3. Eye infection, styes, or pink eye

4. Prescription renewals

5. Sick notes

6. Sore throat And more!

Yes, your information will only be used by the Tulip Health doctors and administrators for booking and follow up purposes. Please read our privacy policy for further details.

We make every effort, during regular operating hours, to schedule for the same day. A member of our team will call to schedule your appointment. 

Yes. Our Tulip Health doctors can make assessments and referrals for our patients at their discretion.

Yes, our Tulip Health doctors are trained for mental health assessments.

Yes, all Tulip Health doctors are Ontario MDs with backgrounds ranging from walk in clinics, family medicine, pain management, sports medicine and long term care. They are the same doctors that you would see when you visit a walk in clinic or family practice in Ontario.